What just happened? Apple's 10th-generation iPad arrived in October with one of the biggest redesigns the entry-level tablet has seen in years, but there wasn't much fanfare around the release, and the device has gained average-to-good reviews. As is tradition with new tech products, the iPad has just been put through the abuse handed out by YouTube channel JerryRigEverything.

Like the iPad Pro and Air, the 10th-gen iPad has an all-screen design and flat-edge casing, with the home button removed and Touch ID moved to the top power button. It also features a USB-C port, meaning the entire iPad line now supports the charging standard, allowing it to comply with the new EU rules that come into effect on December 28, 2024.

Zack Nelson begins the video by taking a dig at Apple over the fact that only the first-generation Apple Pencil is compatible with the new iPad. It doesn't charge wirelessly and has a lightning port connector, so charging the Pencil requires the purchase of a separate $9 Apple Pencil adaptor.

Starting with the scratch test, damage appears at level 6 on the Mohs scale of hardness, with deeper grooves at level 7. That's a typical outcome: the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and Galaxy Fold 4 gave the same result.

The outer scratch test shows why you shouldn't wave a blade near your iPad, though the fingerprint scanner/power button holds up well. The burn test is positive as the black mark that appears after 15 seconds of flame exposure quickly vanishes from the screen.

Finally comes the bend test. The most recent iPad Pro survived well, as did the older iPad Mini. It seems the 10th-gen iPad doesn't share its siblings' durability, snapping and shattering at the weak point without a massive effort from Nelson.

Nelson also opens the iPad up to show a surprising amount of space, and one of the speakers appears quite far from the grille hole.

One of the biggest complaints about the $399 10th-gen iPad is that the price jump over its predecessor doesn't equate to the number of improvements and new features. Check out all the reviews here.