In context: Machine learning algorithms and complex language models have taken the technology world by storm. These algorithms respect neither limitations nor ethical principle in content building, so Mozilla is thinking about a new approach for a truly responsible AI business.

Mozilla's latest attempt to save the future of the Internet goes through the creation of a trustworthy AI. Building upon the Trustworthy AI whitepaper published in 2020 and the experience gained through the Mozilla Builders initiative, the company is now pushing a new incubator program design to promote AI solutions that would serve society instead of pure greed.

The last few months have shown that AI is no longer the future but our present, Mozilla said. The AI explosion didn't happen overnight, of course, as decades of work have gone into this moment. The company's Responsible AI Challenge is a relaunch of sorts for a new Mozilla Builders program, an experimental incubator that would stimulate AI's commercial opportunities while making sure that this new technology would benefit the whole world.

Mozilla is inviting entrepreneurs and "builders" to join a future where AI tech is developed through this new responsible lens. Companies and individuals that want to build (or are already building) AI solutions that are "ambitious but also ethical and holistic," Mozilla said, can provide their email address on the Responsible AI Challenge website to get future notifications about the project.

Mozilla is investing $50,000 into the best AI applications and projects, with a "grand prize" of $25,000 for the first place winner. Furthermore, the company will invite the top nominees to a gathering of the "brightest technologists, business leaders and ethicists working on trustworthy AI" to help their ideas take off. The best minds of the AI industry will seemingly provide mentorship to participants as well.

Mozilla said that "we're at a tipping point" with AI evolution, and now is the crucial moment in time to promote and incubate a proper trustworthy AI movement. Responsible AI Challenge will start taking applications on March 30, 2023.

In other news, Mozilla is still working to make the web a better place right now. The Firefox web browser will soon provide direct integration with the Firefox Relay service, a secure and easy-to-use email masking solution designed to hide a user's real email address behind a disposable one.

Starting as an optional add-on solution, Firefox Relay's protection will now become part of the main Firefox browser (users will still need to register a Firefox Relay account, though). The service offers limited email protection (five email masks) absolutely free, while higher protection tiers (with unlimited email masks, VPN access and more) will eventually cost actual money.