DIY: In Win has introduced a new computer case that promotes the benefits of assembling your system by hand, right down to the chassis. The In Win POC mini-ITX tower is a true DIY chassis that you build from the ground up. The kit consists of pre-cut, foldable 0.8mm SECC steel panels that are lightweight yet strong enough to endure multiple bends. Simply follow the 3D interactive assembly guide in the dedicated mobile app and watch your creation come to life.

Everything comes packaged in a box that is 1/5 the volume of standard mini tower packaging.

In Win's POC supports a standard (160 mm) power supply and a 3.5-slot graphics card up to 346 mm long, the latter of which resides in a dedicated GPU chamber to keep heat away from other system components. A PCIe 4.0 riser cable is included to support this configuration.

A handful of customizable options have also been included, like the triangular vent tabs on the side panels that can be opened or closed to adjust airflow as you see fit. A Luna AL120 addressable RGB fan additionally comes bundled with the chassis, as do a set of side-mountable handles for easier transportation.

Fully assembled, the POC measures 256 mm x 278 mm x 423 mm (L x W x H) and weighs 4 kg, or 8.82 pounds.

In Win has hit on an interesting concept here that'll no doubt appeal to creative types. As a longtime system builder, I can't help but wonder how sturdy the assembled chassis is, especially considering there isn't a central welded or riveted frame. What's more, how many bends should you expect from those vent tabs before they weaken significantly and start to break off? What about sharp edges?

In Win's POC is available in blue / black or green / yellow color schemes. Kits are priced at $95 in the company's online store, and they even sell individual panels for $18 each should you want to mix and match from both kits.