WTF?! How much would you pay for a cosmetic item in a game? $1? 10? $100. What about $100,000? I didn't think so, but someone has paid four times that on one sale. An online CS:GO skin reseller just made over half a million dollars on a transaction containing only two cosmetic items. One was valued at over $400,000.

Occasionally, we hear of an outlandishly ridiculous sale for some virtual product that has us shaking our heads and asking ourselves, "Why would anybody pay so much for that?" Case in point, the guy that just dropped over $500,000 down on two items in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). Yes, you read that right someone paid six figures for two weapon skins.

A manager on the skin-trading platform SkinBid who goes by the handle Zipel carried out the transaction on behalf of SkinBid cofounder Luksusbums, who owned the skins. The sale included two items – #1 AK-47 661 ST MW with 4x Titan (Holo) and a "well-worn" Karambit #387 P1 combat knife. Zipel tweeted the news over the weekend.

Zipel didn't list the specific prices for each item but did say that the total transaction was over half a million dollars, making it what he claimed was the "second largest" sale in CS history. He later tweeted that Luksusbums got more than $400,000 on the AK-47. The tweet was a brag because everybody thought Luksusbums was crazy for asking so much for the skin. Nobody thought he would get anywhere close to that price.

It is an ungodly sum for a product you don't physically own. When CS:GO finally goes offline, that $400,000+ skin is gone too. Of course, CS:GO isn't going anywhere anytime soon, which is part of why the skin could fetch such a high price.

Last month, Valve announced Counter-Strike 2 was coming as a free CS:GO update, which fired up the community. Traders were somewhat worried about a devaluation of current skin offerings. However, Valve later said that legacy skins would be compatible with CS2, and skin valuations spiked with the news.

The gun cosmetic fetched such a high price because of its rarity. This specific skin is also known as "Seed 661." The website CS GO Blue Gem lists it as the "#1 pattern" for the AK-47, with the "best scar pattern" of the skins in its class. It was also decorated with four Titan Holo stickers, which were given out during an esports tournament last year. Only 38 stickers exist and this gun has four of them.

"Rumors say that you need to sell your soul to the devil to find it [in-game] or through a trade-up: it is a statistical anomaly," notes Blue Gem.

The blog also claims that Seed 661 is the rarest "hardened pattern" in the game, with only 121 known spawns in CS:GO's history. It also says that "hundreds of thousands of dollars" is not an unfair valuation for the cosmetic item, considering the highly active CS:GO skin market.

Furthermore, it not the first CS:GO item to sell for an outlandish amount. In response to Zipper's brag of having the second largest CS sale, another user claimed that he sold an item in 2014 that was worth $1.8 million ($2.3 million when adjusted for inflation). Zipel conceded admitting that he was "#3." An almost identical AK-47 sold for $775,000 in 2021.