Why it matters: In the words of one reviewer, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor "takes what Fallen Order achieved and wall-runs with it, then double-jumps and air-dashes straight into an epic lightsaber battle." That is only if you ignore the technical issues that are present in the new title even after Respawn delayed the release to "achieve the level of polish our fans deserve."

Reviews are already out for the much-anticipated Star Wars Jedi: Survivor ahead of its April 28 release date. While many are praising the story and characters as well as the improvements to core gameplay compared to Jedi: Fallen Order, the game is unfortunately plagued by serious technical issues that ruin an otherwise promising AAA title.

Specifically, it looks like the new game suffers from poor optimization, which is a common theme with almost all games released on PC in recent years. German publication GameStar tested Star Wars Jedi: Survivor using a GeForce RTX 3080 and even an RTX 4090 but saw frame rates dropping below the 20 fps mark with either card.

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The reviewers explain that they even applied a "day-zero" patch that was supposed to iron out most of the glaring issues, but performance remained largely the same. Even when pairing an AMD Ryzen 9 5900X CPU with an RTX 4090 and 32 gigabytes of RAM (the amount recommended on most new titles), the game struggled to run smoothly while GPU utilization mostly oscillated between 35 and 60 percent.

This suggests that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is an extremely CPU-bound title, but that's not the only issue it has. As it turns out, the new game can allocate up to 18 gigabytes of VRAM when running at 1440p, leading to frame rates that drop to 15-20 fps during cutscenes or when stepping through a door. As noted by PC Gamer, this can last for ten seconds or more, which would be unplayable.

Interestingly, reviewers testing the game on consoles like the PlayStation 5 reported similar technical issues, including audio sync issues and numerous slowdowns even when running in 1440p Performance Mode.

EA says the day-one patch will fix some of these issues on all platforms, with many more patches planned for the coming weeks. In other words, you should probably wait a bit more before continuing Cal's journey.