In brief: Nintendo recently announced online service for Pac-Man 99 will be coming to an end later this year, but Lego isn't giving up on the iconic arcade game. The Lego Pac-Man Arcade set is a miniature recreation of one of the most recognizable arcade games of all time. The 2,650-piece set (SKU: 10323) includes three Pac-Man minifigs and a light-up brick that illuminates the insert coin area.

There is even a small vignette hidden inside the cabinet depicting a minifig playing on a Pac-Man arcade machine.

Lego did something similar with its Nintendo Entertainment System set, adding a hidden diorama of World 1-2 in the side of the console. The Lego Atari 2600 also has a hidden scene of a kid playing a game in a period-correct room complete with BoomBox, CRT television, roller skates, and more.

The fully assembled model measures 12.5 in. (32 cm) high, 10 in. (25 cm) wide, and 7 in. (17 cm) deep. Like the NES set, the Pac-Man arcade also has a crank-activated mechanical element that puts some of the on screen characters into motion to simulate gameplay. Given its complexity, it is no surprise the set is recommended for ages 18 and older.

Trivia: The ghosts in the original Pac-Mad had unique AI traits, which one was the least predictable?

Pac-Man launched way back in 1980 and according to Lego's PR, the game's yellow protagonist was inspire by a pizza with a slice missing. The iconic yellow color, meanwhile, was actually borrowed from Lego's own shade of yellow. In 2016, VG247 listed Pac-Man as the highest grossing arcade game of all time.

Pac-Man 99 was announced in early 2021 and served as a viable alternative to those mourning the loss of battle royale-themed Super Mario Bros. 35. The online element will be coming to an end on October 8, but it looks as if Tetris 99 is still going strong.

The Lego Pac-Man Arcade set will be available for VIP members to purchase starting June 1, and from June 4 for everyone else, priced at $269.99.