In brief: Gaming accessory maker GuliKit has introduced a Super Nintendo-themed docking station that's compatible with a variety of leading handheld game consoles. It doesn't yet have an official name but it is loaded with features.

The all-in-one dock is said to support Valve's Steam Deck, the Asus ROG Ally, the AyaNeo Next II, and the Nintendo Switch. Features include 4K 60Hz video output, Gigabit Ethernet, three USB 3.0 ports, and HDMI out, plus an AC adapter connector, USB-C out, and up to 100W max power delivery. The company said your handheld should work even if it is in a case, so that is a plus.

The device has a hidden storage compartment for up to four microSD cards located on the removable top housing (under the purple sliders). There is even a sliding door that completes the SNES vibe and if you look closely, you can make out a "1991" stamp which represents the year Nintendo launched the SNES in the US (it first arrived in 1990 in Japan as the Super Famicom).

GuliKit said its new dock will be available starting in September but stopped short of announcing pricing. For reference, Nintendo's Switch dock retails for $59.99 while the Steam Deck commands $89.

GuliKit is a Chinese gaming accessory maker that is perhaps best known for its replacement Joy-Con joysticks based on the Hall effect. As Adrian noted earlier this year, standard analog joysticks use potentiometers to translate inputs into measurable changes in electrical resistance. It works, but this method introduces friction between components and is susceptible to debris buildup.

Hall effect joysticks, meanwhile, use magnets and an array of sensors to translate inputs into small changes in voltage across a conductor. There is no friction involved between those parts, which makes the overall mechanism less prone to wear and tear over time.

GuliKit's Joy-Con sticks are a drop-in replacement and consume about half as much power as Nintendo's OEM part. A pack of two will set you back around $25 over on Amazon.