Synthetic Benchmarks

The Beebox matched the Liva X and the N3050-ITX in Cinebench when comparing both single and multi-threaded performance. Suffice it to say that the performance wasn't great as these are the weakest results we have seen from a modern desktop computer.

As you can see the 3D performance of the Celeron N3000 is greatly improved compared to the Celeron N2808 but it's still not worth writing home about.

The Beebox scored just 2724pts in the old 3DMark 06 benchmark and while this again made it much faster than the ECS Liva X it was much slower than the Asrock N3050-ITX motherboard.

The Beebox scored exceptionally well in PCMark 7 which doesn't seem to make sense but after re-testing we received the same score. Perhaps the mSATA SSD is the reason for the unexpected results.

The PCMark 8 home test saw the Beebox score just 1353pts, slightly slower than the Celeron N3050 motherboard but much faster than the ECS Liva X.

This time the Beebox was able to just outscore the Asrock N3050-ITX motherboard with 1622pts, considerably faster than the ECS Liva X again.

The Beebox fell flat in PCMark 8's work suite, delivering the lowest score of any system tested.

The Beebox did surprisingly well in the office applications test with a score of 1056pts, faster than even the quad-core Pentium N3700.