Application and Gaming Performance

Again we find that the Beebox was slightly faster than the N3050-ITX motherboard which should be using the faster Celeron N3050. The Beebox was also considerably faster than the ECS Liva X in our Excel test.

The Beebox isn't a bad little PowerPoint box taking just 10.3 seconds to complete the workload which is 3 seconds faster than the LivaX, just 3 seconds slower than the Pentium G3220 and only twice the time it took the Core i3-4130.

The 7-Zip results weren't favorable for the Beebox as it came up short compared to the Liva X making it the slowest system tested.

The Beebox was again slower than the Liva X when comparing them using the Mozilla Kraken browser benchmark though having said that the performance was similar.

In WinRAR the Beebox was slightly faster than the Asrock N3050-ITX motherboard but much slower than the Liva X.

Gaming Performance

Here is a single game benchmark. We figure there's no point in posting an entire page of lowly gaming results. We already know where the low-end dual-core Braswell SoC stands when it comes to gaming...

Having already seen how the slightly higher-clocked Celeron N3050 performs, we weren't surprised by the N3000's 16.4fps when playing Tomb Raider at the lowest possible settings at 1280x800. The Beebox will be limited to games such as Minecraft and you should probably stop here and look at AMD's APUs if you're trying to game on a budget.