Video Playback Performance

According to PCMark 7 the Asrock Beebox N3000 is sufficient for 1080p (30fps, 10Mbps) video playback, just as we expected.

Not wanting to just take PCMark's word for it, we conducted our own 720p and 1080p tests using MPlayer. Using the benchmark mode MPlayer allows the system to play the video as fast as it can without frame loss. With 720p content we hit a bottleneck of around 60fps pretty quickly and even the slowest CPUs delivered more than twice the necessary frame rate at 56.5fps.

Naturally, 1080p content is more demanding and we look for at least 25fps for flawless playback. The Beebox just scraped by with 25.6fps suggesting that high quality 1080p will be the limit for this mini PC.