Application Performance

The efficiency of the Skylake-S Core i3-6100T is again on display, this time in Excel 2013. Here the MSI Cubi 2 Plus completed the MonteCarlo work load in just 10.2 seconds making it five times faster than the Asrock Beebox.

The MSI Cubi 2 Plus again impressed with strong performance, this time in PowerPoint with a completion time of just 4.8 seconds.

The AMD APUs delivered the best performance in the 7-zip test, though the MSI Cubi 2 Plus and it's Core i3 processor weren't far behind.

Those wanting to use the Cubi 2 Plus as a general purpose computer with lots of web browser work will be impressed with the Mozilla Kraken performance which saw it significantly outperform the ultra-compact PC's.

Whereas the AMD APUs provided the best results in the 7-Zip test, we find a slight role reversal when testing with WinRAR. Here the Cubi 2 Plus takes charge with a multi-threaded result of 4289KB/s.