Thermaltake DH104 (Internals)

By removing a pair of extremely large black thumb screws at the rear of the Thermaltake DH104, it is possible to remove the top lid exposing the case's internal workings. It is also possible to remove the bottom of the case, if necessary.

The internal workings of the DH104 have a typical Thermaltake look and feel about them, probably it's just those orange fans that give that first impression.

While on the topic of cooling the DH104 uses two 120mm fans. Yes, the orange ones that are designed to work at just 1300RPM. Like in a typical tower case the front mounted fan draws in cool air while the rear fan removes the hot air from within the case. As mentioned before, it's possible to install just one additional 80mm fan in the DH104 at the top, above the CPU.

The DH104 will happily accommodate for a standard ATX size motherboard and just one mount is pre-installed, though it is removable. Thermaltake has included another eight motherboard mounts and the user is completely free to only install the mounts that they require.

Installing devices into either the 3.5” or 5.25” drive bays is done with ease thanks to the relatively large size of this HTPC case. That said, we are a little confused about how the 5.25” drive bays are used. Installing an optical drive into the first (external) bay is done very easily. Thermaltake has provided a special bracket that the user must attach the optical drive to and then slide it in.

This is all good and well until you wish to use the other two 5.25” bays considering Thermaltake only supplies one set of those special brackets, so as far as we can tell installing anything else into the other two bay positions is impossible. In all fairness, Thermaltake only mentions a single 5.25” drive bay in their specifications. A waste of unusable space nonetheless.

Thermaltake has installed some thick rubber inserts into the DH104 around the power supply bracket which are designed to support the power supply unit once installed.

The Thermaltake DH104 is a nice looking case with some great features. That said you want to make damn sure that these are features you require because for a little over $500 they do not come cheap. Take away the front mounted LCD panel and you have a $200 case at best and should you not require this feature we highly recommend checking out the DH101.