Silverstone LC13B-E (Cont.)

Cracking open the Silverstone LC13B-E requires removing four standard screws. Once these have been removed from the rear of the case the lid simply slips off exposing the internal workings of the LC13B-E.

Once inside the Silverstone LC13B-E everything looks rather well laid out. The design appears very neat and tidy but not exactly as simple as say working with the Lian-Li PC-C37, for example.

First the cross beam needs to be removed and there are four screws securing that. Then each of the three drive bays is secured by another two screws which are not quite as easy to get at but still relatively accessible. Once these have been removed, the bays pop out though getting them back in was a bit more work than we liked. With a standard ATX board installed these bays come very close to the board when installing/removing, so it is important to take care.

Other than the slightly tricky installation of the 5.25” and 3.5” drives there is nothing else to worry about when working with the LC13B-E. The motherboard installation is very easy as the design is really like any other normal tower case and the power supply fits in perfectly alongside it.

There are two 60mm exhaust fans mounted in the rear of the case that operate at 2050 RPM generating 21dBA of noise. These fans use 3-pin power connectors and connect directly to the motherboard so there is no fan speed controller included as in the Antec MicroFusion. The middle 3.5” drive bay also has a mount supporting an additional 80mm or 92mm fan should you wish to include one.