Lian-Li PC-C37 (Internals)

By removing a pair of aluminum thumb screws at the rear of the case, it is possible to remove the lid exposing the internal workings of the Lian-Li PC-C37.

The internal workings of this case are just as simple as its exterior, yet we found it to be very functional. For such a space confined case the PC-C37 is extremely easy to work with, whereas we found the GlacialTech Altair A381 to be rather bloated inside.

The 5.25” drive bay is highly accessible and providing you do not install an extra-long ATX power supply, it is very easy to access even with everything else installed. Removing the bay requires the user to simply remove a single thumb screw allowing the bay to slide out. Furthermore, installing a hard drive into the single 3.5” drive bay is just as quick and easy.

Like the Altair A381, all the motherboard mounts are pre-installed in the PC-C37. However, unlike the Altair none of them will limit motherboard compatibility as the PC-C37 can cater for any and all Micro-ATX motherboards.

The cooling setup is quite basic featuring two low-profile 70mm exhaust fans on either side. It is possible to install another two 70mm fans in the right side of the case and a second fan in the left side. This would greatly improve the cooling performance of the PC-C37 and with low-speed fans it could be done without compromising the operating volume.