Lian-Li PC-C37

Lian-Li offers a wide range of HTPC cases covering different shapes and sizes. Their HTPC line-up includes cases such as the PC-X500 tower case, the PC-V350 compact box case, and the more traditional slim desktop PC-C37.

The PC-C37 is a stylish HTPC case that offers Micro-ATX motherboard support using a lightweight all-aluminum design at just $170.

The PC-C37 is a basic yet seriously slick HTPC case that comes in either black or silver. The case comes with no power supply, though it supports any standard ATX unit. This means users could drop a relatively low-cost 500-watt unit into the PC-C37, providing more than enough power for even a Core i7 system.

It should be noted that this is not an official HTPC case considering there is no remote included, and although it is designed to be sold as a HTPC model it can be used as a standard desktop PC case as well.

External Design
The PC-C37 measures 17" wide, 3.7" tall, and 15" long. The front of the case features a single external 5.25” drive bay designed to house an optical drive. This bay is covered by a folding drive door which blends in with the case design very well.

The front I/O panel is exposed, and some users may find this a little disappointing. It has to be said that we were surprised at how well Lian-Li managed to hide the optical drive, while completely failing to do the same with the front I/O panel. The power and reset buttons look very nice and can be found in the bottom right corner of the front panel.

When moving around to the rear of the PC-C37 there are four low-profile expansion slots and a mount for a standard ATX power supply. The side panels can accommodate for additional fans, providing a great deal of ventilation.

The lid of the case also features two large vents towards the rear, which further improves the ventilation. The bottom of the PC-C37 features four feet that sit the case about half an inch above the surface, while there is another large vent for additional cooling.

While it does seem like you get very little for $170 with the PC-C37, this is a well made aluminum case and you certainly get that impression when looking at it.