Benchmarks: SiSoftware Sandra

In SiSoftware Sandra 2009's file system test the Synology DS410j performs similar to the single drive DS109, and to our surprise it was faster than the DS409+. However, at the same time the Promise SmartStor NS4600 managed to outclass the DS410j in this buffered test, so these results may not necessarily reflect real-world performance.

The random write results paint somewhat of a different picture compared to the previous test – and it was bad news for Synology's latest NAS. Here the DS410j appeared to lack any real horsepower with a throughput of just 24MB/s for both the read and write tests. Performance was again similar to that of the DS109, while write speeds were 42% greater when using the Promise SmartStor NS4600.

Finally, we used the SiSoftware Sandra 2009 benchmark to measure network performance. With a throughput of 64MB/s, the Synology DS410j did rather well here, and was the only tested NAS device capable of matching our test system.