Benchmarks: CrystalDiskMark

Measuring sequential performance with CrystalDiskMark, the Synology DS410j performed rather poorly again. While read speeds are up to scratch, write throughput was rather weak with an average of 43.7MB/s. This made the DS410j considerably slower than the single-bay DS109 and the Promise SmartStor NS4600.

The CrystalDiskMark random 512KB test measures the performance of each configuration using small data samples. Here the Synology DS410j struggles once more delivering a disappointing write throughput of just 22MB/s. This made the DS410j almost two and a half times slower than the Promise SmartStor NS4600, and roughly two times compared to the single-bay Synology Disk Station 109.

The same trend repeats itself when working with small 4KB files. The Synology DS410j was again slower than the DS109, and managed to beat only the old DS107 and the Windows based budget computer configurations.