Benchmarks: File Upload Performance

When uploading (writing) the 6GB ISO file to the N3200XXX it achieved an average transfer speed of 48.7MB/s, placing it 12% behind the Synology DiskStation DS211. It was also 46% slower than our desktop test system.

Things improved for Thecus' offering in the game test as it matched the Synology DS211 with an average transfer speed of 40.6MB/s and beat the LG N2A2 by a 71% margin. Nonetheless, our desktop system still edged ahead by 16%.

The N3200XXX handles our program test very well for the second time, providing an upload rate of 25.4MB/s. That was 22% faster than our desktop test system and 27% faster than the Synology DS211 -- impressive to say the least.