Benchmarks: Intel NAS Toolkit

The Intel NAS Toolkit is comprised of several benchmarks and we're looking at the HD Video Playback first. Although the N3200XXX maintained its lead on the N2A2 (66% this time around), it was 17% slower than the DS211 and 24% slower than our desktop.

We witnessed similar performance in the Content Creation test where the N3200XXX was 18% behind the DS211 and 31% slower than the desktop test system, but it still delivered 59% more performance than the LG N2A2.

In an interesting turn of events, the N3200XXX outmuscled its competition in the Office Productivity test with a throughput of 41.3MB/s. It was 11% faster than our desktop and 23% faster than the Synology DS211, which oddly ranked behind the LG N2A2.

Things returned to normal in the the HD Playback & Record test as the N3200XXX was 18% slower than the DS211 and 39% slower than the desktop test system while it was 52% faster than the LG N2A2.

The Photo Album test cripples the performance of all the devices, including our desktop, which was reduced to 8.4MB/s. The N3200XX was a fraction behind with 8.2MB/s, beating the Synology DS211 by an 8% margin.