Benchmarks: CrystalDiskMark 3.0

Although the TS-412 Turbo was slower than the Thecus N3200XXX in virtually all of our real-world performance tests, CrystalDiskMark tells a different story. The benchmark's sequential read/write test claims that the TS-412 Turbo provides 10% more write and 15% more read performance.

Again, the synthetic benchmark reports that the TS-412 is faster than the N3200XXX, this time when measuring random 512K performance. The margins are quite shocking in fact, as the TS-412 Turbo was supposedly 55% faster than the Thecus N3200XXX when looking at write speeds.

The TS-412 had poor random 4K-QD32 results, which likely explains why it struggled in our game and program tests.