Benchmarks: Intel NAS Performance Toolkit

Both the TS-412 and N3200XXX delivered a 77MB/s throughput in the HD Video Playback test, making them roughly 17% slower than the DiskStation DS211 and DS411+.

The HD Playback & Record test also saw the TS-412 and N3200XXX on a similar plane while the N3200XXX managed to nudge ahead.

Those results are mirrored in the Content Creation test as the TS-412 and N3200XXX were neck and neck – though the latter did steal the lead by 0.5MB/s. Throughout Intel's NAS Performance Toolkit, Synology's products have been topping the charts, with the DS211 outpacing the TS-412 by 24% in this particular benchmark.

The Office Productivity test showed similar margins across most of the devices and the TS-412 was only a couple MB/s behind our C2D desktop. Oddly, the DS211 hit the bottom of this chart.

The TS-412 and DS211 provided similar performance in the Photo Album test while the N3200XXX was 11% (less than 1MB/s) faster.