Benchmarks: File Download Performance

As you can see, the Marvell 6281 doesn't have the fortitude of the Intel Atom N270, as the Thecus N3200XXX was 20% faster than the QNAP TS-412 Turbo in our large single file download test. With a throughput of 71.7MB /s, the TS-412 is roughly 19% slower than a low-end desktop system.

Like most devices, the TS-412 was significantly slower in our game transfer test, and its throughput of 34.1MB/s placed it a notch above the LG NAS N2A2 and a hair below the Thecus N3200XXX.

We were surprised to find that the TS-412 performed slower than the competition in our program test, but even with a throughput of 11.6MB/s, it was only 0.9MB/s to 1.5MB/s behind LG and Synology.