Synthetic Performance

Testing with SPECviewperf, the MSI X-Slim X460 was slower than the Asrock CoreHT mini-PC in spite of having a faster processor. While the SolidWorks results were similar, the X-Slim X460 was crushed in Maya. That said, none of the Intel-based system do well in this test as they all rely on the HD Graphics engine.

The Core i7-2630QM's eight threads help the X-Slim X460 to claim victory in Povray, as it crushed the competition with a biscuit render time of just 9.9 seconds.

CINEBENCH R11.5 looks at both GPU and CPU performance and although our chart is arranged by GPU results, the MSI X-Slim X460 easily defeated its competition in the CPU test with a score of 4.98 points. However, it rendered just 11fps in the GPU portion, much slower than the 29.5fps mustered by the AMD A8-3850's integrated Radeon HD 6550D.