Benchmarks: Real-World Applications

The Agility 4 loaded Windows 7 in just 10.5 seconds, 30% faster than the v4, which was quite slow by today's SSDs standards at 15 seconds.

Again, the v4 stands out as being one of the slowest SSDs we have tested in recent years, taking 6.1 seconds to complete the Windows 7 multitasking test. The Agility 4 finished in 5.2 seconds.

The Adobe Photoshop CS4 load test typically takes about a second to complete using a modern SSD and this was true for the Agility 4, but the v4 took 2.2 seconds, on par with the Torqx 2 and SSD 320 Series.

The last real-world test looks at game load times in StarCraft II. The Agility 4 was only marginally faster than the v4, taking 18.2 seconds versus 19.3 seconds. Still, this 6% lead put the Agility 4 much closer to drives like the Samsung 830 Series, OCZ Octane and Crucial m4.