Benchmarks: File Copy Test

The Agility 4 256GB was found to be 45% faster than the Crucial v4 256GB in our single large file copy test with a throughput of 138MB/s versus 95MB/s. That said, the Agility 4 was still 33% slower than the Vertex 4 and 19% slower than the Crucial m4.

On the other hand, the Crucial v4 256GB was 13% slower than the Intel SSD 320 Series 300GB and 18% slower than the old Samsung 470 Series 256GB while being only 5% and 13% faster than the Patriot Pyro 120GB and the Torqx 2 128GB.

The Agility 4 extended its lead over the Crucial v4 in the program copy test, beating it by a 79% margin with a throughput of 159.8MB/s, a tad ahead of the Intel SSD 510 Series and a bit behind the Kingston HyperX. The v4 managed just 94.9MB/s which again placed it only slightly ahead of the Patriot Pyro and Torqx 2.

The game copy test saw the Agility 4 beat the Crucial v4 by a 56% performance margin with a throughput of 156.8MB/s versus 100.2MB/s. The v4 was one of the slowest SSDs tested, having even slipped behind the Patriot Pyro and Torqx 2.