Benchmarks: AS SSD Benchmark

AS SSD Benchmark confirms the results reported by CrystalDiskMark, though this time the Agility 4 gets closer to its claimed 420MB/s with 386MB/s. The v4 managed to top its quoted speed of 230MB/s at 239.2MB/s, but it was still 61% slower than OCZ's budget drive.

The Agility 4 does very well again when measuring sequential writes, despite missing its listed speed of 410MB/s by around 40MB/s. Keeping the pattern going, Crucial's drive beat its listed speeds by about 25MB/s, but it was still 42% behind the Agility 4.

The Agility 4 performed well in the 4K-64 thread read test, reaching 248MB/s versus the v4's 60.2MB/s.

The 4K-64 thread write results are very similar to the reads with the Agility 4 being about four times faster than the v4.

Despite its poor performance, the v4's read access time was actually better than the Agility 4.

Although the Agility 4's read access time was much slower than expected, it was the fastest drive tested when measuring write performance, even narrowly besting the Vertex 4.