IGP Performance

The AMD A10-6800K is at the top of our chart when measuring gaming performance in Medal of Honor Warfighter using the integrated Radeon HD 8670D. That said, performance was virtually identical the A10-5800K, only the increase in CPU frequency likely put it slightly ahead. When compared to the Core i5-3450, the A10-6800K was 167% faster while it wasalso 39% faster than the Core i5-3570K. The A4-4000 was less impressive with 12.8fps, though that was still 83% faster than the Celeron G1610.

Metro Last Light paints a similar picture with the A10-6800K again just a fraction faster than the A10-5800K. AMD's latest chip easily defeated Intel's Ivy Bridge Core i5 processors and was also slightly faster than Intel's new HD 4600 Graphics on the Core i7-4770K.

Performance margins are much the same when testing with Max Payne 3. The A10-6800K averaged 30.4fps at 1440x900, which was the exact same result produced by the A10-5800K. This made it 24% faster than the Intel Core i7-4770K, 53% faster than the Core i5-3570K, and 198% faster than the Core i5-3450.