Application Performance

The AMD A10-6800K took 14.75 seconds to complete our Excel 2013 workload test, making it 4% faster than the A10-5800K and 26% faster than the Pentium G2020. It was far from matching the FX-4350 and Core i5-3450, however, delivering 40% and 50% lower performance respectively. The A4-4000 was considerably slower at 33.80 seconds. This made it 20% slower than the A4-5300 and 40% slower than the Celeron G1610.

Using the in-built WinRAR 5.0 benchmark, the AMD A10-6800K achieved a throughput of 4264KB/s when testing multiple threads and just 1290KB/s when using a single thread. This translated to 3% faster multithreaded performance than the A10-5800K, but 6% slower than the Core i5-3450 and 15% slower than the FX-4350. In terms of single thread performance the A10-6800K outpaced the A10-5800K by a 2% margin and the Pentium G2020 by a 7% margin.

The A4-4000 was slightly slower than the A4-5300 in this test. Its multithreading performance was 23% slower than the Celeron G1610 and the single thread performance was 14% slower.

Testing with Photoshop CS6, the AMD A10-6800K took 41.9 seconds to complete the work load, making it just a fraction faster than the A10-5800K. This also meant that it was 4% slower than the FX-4350 and 28% slower than the Core i5-3450. The A4-4000 took 105 seconds, making it 11% slower than the A4-5300 and 27% slower than the Celeron G1610.