Gaming Performance

Far Cry 3 is not dual-core friendly and therefore the AMD A4-4000 and A4-5300 APUs really suffered. Despite also being dual-core parts, the Celeron G1610 and Pentium G2020 performed much better, with the former outclassing AMD's A4-4000 by a 33% margin. The AMD A10-6800K on the other hand averaged 53.2fps and was able to roughly match the performance of the Core i5 processors.

Tomb Raider is the perfect example of how these CPUs and APUs perform using high-end GPUs in graphically demanding games. Here we see just a 1 - 2fps difference between the fastest and slowest processors.

Battlefield 3 also focuses heavily on the CPU, though not as much as Tomb Raider, so gamers will need a decent processor here. While the A10-6800K has enough grunt to get the most out of the Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition at 1920x1200, the A4-4000 doesn't.