Encoding Performance

Using HandBrake to measure how many frames per second each processor can render we see that the AMD A10-6800K averaged 137.2fps, making it just 4% slower than the FX-4350. This was also was 37% slower than Core i5-3450. The A4-4000 took 43.9 seconds, making it 14% slower than the Celeron G1610 and 23% slower than the A4-5300.

The A10-6800K rendered 30.1fps in the first pass test and 8.8fps in the second pass test for the x264 HD Benchmark. This meant that it was 5% faster than the Pentium G2020 in the first test and 87% faster in the second. The AMD A4-4000 was again considerably slower with 17.3fps in the first pass and just 2.6fps in the second.

Our last encoding test using TMPGEnc Video Master Works with a 1080p work load. Here the AMD A10-6800K took 495 seconds to finish, making it 3% slower than the FX-4350, 32% slower than the Core i5-3450, and just 8% faster than the Pentium G2020. The A4-4000 took 1012 seconds and for the first time it was found to be faster than the A4-5300 by a convincing 5% margin. Still, it was a whopping 41% slower than the Celeron G1610.