System Power Consumption

Here is the real problem with AMD's processors. With the exception of the integrated graphics test, at no point was the A10-6800K faster than the Core i5-3450. In fact, most of the time it was much slower. Yet despite that the A10-6800K consumed 59% more power than the Core i5-3450 under full load. It also consumed 9% more power than the A10-5800K, but 28% less than the FX-4350.

Meanwhile the A4-4000, which displayed a lack of processing power in our benchmarks, still gulped down 89 watts under full load. That's roughly the same as the Core i5-3450 system. This means that the A4-4000 system consumed 46% more power than the Pentium G2020 and 53% more power than the Celeron G1610.