IGP Gaming Peformance

None of these low-end CPUs and APUs are designed for serious gaming, but they will let you play some games at very low resolutions using low-quality graphic settings. Here are the games we typically use for testing integrated graphics performance...

First up we have the CPU-intensive Company of Heroes 2 running on medium quality at 1280x800 and the Athlon 5350 delivered just 8.6fps while the Celeron J1900 managed half that at 4.4fps. To play this game using these settings a discrete graphics card is required as it took the Radeon R7 250 to render an average of 31.3fps.

The Athlon 5350's performance is extremely limited in Metro: Last Light, hitting just 7.9fps at 1280x800, though this is still considerably better than the 4.2fps rendered by the Celeron J1900.

The Athlon 5350 averaged 12.9fps in Hitman while the Celeron J1900 delivered 9.8fps.

Tomb Raider was tested using the lowest possible quality settings and we see that the Radeon 5350 was able to average just 20.1fps while the Celeron J1900 offered a mere 10.4fps. A discrete graphics card such as the Radeon R7 250 is good for 108fps here.

BioShock Infinite was tested using medium quality settings and this allowed the Athlon 5350 to render 14.8fps on average, while the Celeron J1900 was limited to 7.1fps.

Arma 3 wasn't any kinder to these chips with the Athlon 5350 averaging 22.8fps on the standard quality settings and the Celeron J1900 being much slower again at 12.4fps.