Encoding Benchmarks

Compared to other low-end desktop CPUs, the encoding performance of the Athlon 5350 and Celeron J1900 in HandBrake was reasonable. The Athlon 5350 managed 70fps while the Celeron J1900 was slightly slower with 61fps and the Sempron 3850 crushed the A4-4000 with 57fps versus 48fps.

The Athlon 5350 just managed to outperform the Celeron J1900 by 10% in the x264 HD Benchmark 5, but compared to the A4-4000, the Athlon 5350 was 16% slower in the first pass test and 51% slower than the A8-7600.

Encoding with TMPGEnc Video Master Works takes some time with the Athlon 5350 -- 971 seconds to be precise -- which compares to 540 seconds for the Celeron G1820 and 521 seconds for the A8-7600.

Next to the Celeron J1900 though, the Athlon 5350 performed rather well as it was 10% faster.