Power Consumption

When left to idle, these systems all consumed roughly the same amount of power. The Celeron J1900 pulled 27 watts while the Athlon 5350 used 28 watts.

Running Prime95 to place full load on all cores/threads, the Celeron J1900 used the least amount of power at 32 watts. The Athlon 5350 required 38% more power as it consumed 44 watts, though this was still 17% less than the Celeron G1820.

Using Prime95 and FurMark together shows that the Celeron J1900's total system power consumption climbs to just 36 watts while the Athlon 5350 hits 42% higher at 51 watts, though the Athlon 5350 still uses less than half the power of the A8-7600 and 38% less than the Core i3-4130.