Memory Bandwidth

As expected, the memory bandwidth performance of the AM1 APU's is rather limited due to its single-channel memory controller and the fact that the architecture just doesn't perform well in terms of bandwidth. The Athlon 5350 achieved just 6.7GB/s making it slower than the 8.2GB/s of the A4-4000.

Meanwhile, Intel's Celeron J1900 managed 10.7MB/s, though it was still 15GB/s slower than the Celeron G1820. The Pentium G3220 reached 26.7GB/s making it only a fraction slower than the Core i3-4130.

Despite the strong memory bandwidth performance the Celeron J1900 is over 20% slower than the Athlon 5350 when measuring L1 cache performance. That said, it was a whopping 34% faster when comparing L2 cache performance.

It is worth noting that while the AM1 Athlon processors were much faster than the A4-4000 the A8-7600 was world's faster again.