Application Performance

The Celeron J1900 and Athlon 5350 both completed the Excel 2013 workload in around 29 seconds. When compared to the Celeron G1820's 18.5 seconds or the A8-7600's and Pentium G3220's took 16.5 seconds, the Celeron J1900 and Athlon 5350 were quite slow. Still the AMD A4-4000 took 35.1 seconds, a fraction faster than the Sempron 3850's 37 seconds.

Despite matching the Athlon 5350 in Excel the Celeron J1900 is crushed in PowerPoint 2013, taking 13 seconds to complete the workload opposed to the 8 seconds it took the Athlon APU. In fact, the Athlon 5350 was able to match the Celeron G1820 and A4-4000.

Using 7-zip to compare performance revealed that the Celeron J1900 was able to match the Athlon 5150 while the 5350 was 22% faster. The Athlon 5350 was also faster than the Celeron G1820 in this test while the Sempron 3850 was only able to match the A4-4000.

The Athlon 5350 took 7218.6ms to complete the Mozilla Kraken JavaScript benchmark using IE10 and under the same conditions the Celeron J1900 delivered very similar performance. Still, both were much slower than desktop processors such as the A4-4000 and Celeron G1820.

WinRAR's results are interesting as we get to compare single and multi-threaded performance. Due to the quad-core design of the Athlon 5350, it was able to just outperform the Celeron J1900 when measuring multi-threaded performance. However, when we look at single thread performance, the Celeron J1900 is 66% faster.

The Celeron J1900 took 69.4 seconds to complete the Adobe Photoshop CS6 workload, 25% slower than the Celeron G1820 but 15% faster than the Athlon 5350 and almost 25% faster than the Athlon 5150. Meanwhile, the Sempron 3850 took 104.7 seconds, 5% faster than the A4-4000.

Although the Celeron J1900 dominated the Athlon 5350 in Photoshop CS6, we find quite the opposite when testing with InDesign CS6. Here the Celeron J1900 took 12 seconds to complete the workload, 20% slower than the Athlon 5350 which took just 10 seconds.

When testing with After Effects CS6, the Celeron J1900 and Athlon 5350 delivered the same performance of ~400 seconds to complete the workload. That said, the Athlon 5150 was considerably slower at 489 seconds and the Sempron 3850 kept us waiting for 600 seconds.

In Illustrator CS6 the Athlon 5350 beat the Celeron J1900 by a mere half a second.