iGPU (Intel HD Graphics) Performance

Playing BioShock using the low quality preset sees the Core i7-4790 deliver a barely playable 36.7fps at 1280x800. The Core i5-4690 also scrapes by with 35fps while the i3-4350 drops just below 30fps.

None of the integrated graphics chips were powerful enough to deliver playable performance when using the low quality preset, even at resolutions as low as 1280x800.

The Core i5-5690 was able to average 37fps in Hitman: Absolution using the lowest quality settings but the Core i3 processors weren't so fortunate with just 27fps.

Tomb Raider can reduce the visual quality low enough for playable performance on these integrated solutions but the game looks so bad we would call it unplayable even at 60fps.

Dialing Thief down to low doesn't help as the i7-4790 was only able to average 20fps at 1280x800.

Crysis 3 is another game that won't let Intel's integrated graphics crack 30fps -- even at 1280x800.