Synthetic Benchmarks

The Core i5 was 18% faster than the Core i3 when measuring single thread performance and 51% faster when measuring multi-threading performance. The Core i7 and i5 delivered the same single thread score while the i7 was 33% faster when measuring multi-threading performance.

PCMark 7's system test showed the Core i5 and i7 delivering similar scores while the larger cache of the Core i3-4350 allowed it to be 2% faster than the i3-4160. Despite that, the i3-4350 was 7% slower than the i5-4690.

The 3D Particle Movement test also allows us to test single and multi-threaded performance. This time the Core i3-4350 was 4% faster than the i3-4160 while the Core i5-4690 was 10% faster than the i3-4350 and the Core i7-4790 was an incredible 79% faster than the i5-4690.