Gaming: Crysis 3, Battlefield 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition

The Core i7-4790 didn't fare that well in Crysis 3 being 5% slower than the i5-4690 at 1080p. Moreover, it was slower than the i3-4350 despite being just 3% faster than the i3-4160.

Swapping out the GTX 980 for the GTX 960 capped all processors at around 44fps.

Our single player Battlefield 4 test saw the Core i7-4790 trail the i5-4690 by a 4% margin while matching the Core i3-4160.

With the GTX 960 installed the Core processors all delivered the same performance at 1080p.

Finally we have Dragon Age: Inquisition and here the Core i7-4790 was 6% faster than the i5-4690 and 9% faster than the i3-4160.

With the GTX 960 installed the Core i7-4790 was 1% slower than the i5-4690 while matching the i3-4160.