Encoding Performance

The Core i7-4790 averaged 294fps for an 18% lead over the i5-4690. A much larger margin can be seen when comparing the i5-4690 and i3-4350 with the former being 53% faster. Meanwhile, the Core i3-4350 was 5% faster than the i3-4160.

When testing with Hybrid x265 the i7-4790 is 16% faster than the i5-4690 and the i5 was 59% faster than the i3-4350, which had a 14% edge on the i3-4160.

Looking at the results from the second pass test, the Core i7-4790 was 39% faster than the i5-4690, which was 24% faster than the i3-4350. This time we see just a 4% margin favoring the i3-4350 over the i3-4160.

Taking 653 seconds, meant that Core i7-4790 saved 14% of the conversion time when compared to the i5-4690, which outpaced the i3-4350 by 48%.