StickyBrain 4.5fc2 for Mac OS X

StickyBrain is your universal note manager.

Older Mac OS
24.8 MB
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Use it to store all of the miscellaneous information that doesn't fit neatly anywhere else. Throw all your notes and other information into it, then use the powerful note viewer to retrieve anything with just one click.

Imagine life with all your digital notes - from reminders and alarms to pictures, URLs and text - instantly organized and searchable! You can increase productivity, save time, and gain unprecedented control over your information. This third generation note manager sets the standard for note management on Mac OS X.


Completely rewritten in Cocoa for a first-class Mac OS X experience
FlashNote menu bar tool to search and view notes while in other applications
Built on a rock-solid commercial database engine
Grab entire web pages with text, graphics, and links
Fully synchronize your StickyBrain notes with your Palm handheld
iPod synchronization, so you can take your notes with you
Use your .Mac account to move your notes between multiple computers
Link notes to other notes or contacts in the Mac OS X Address Book
QuickNote lets you compose notes on-the-fly from any application
Email your notes using most popular email clients
Tabbed note viewing so you can keep multiple notes open in a single window
Use built-in Address Book viewer to review notes linked to contacts
Super-fast searching, a 50x improvement.

What's New:

Added initial support for the clipboard recorder in DockNote (still not fully functional)
Fixed problem that caused new labels not to save correctly
Fixed problem that prevented images from being dragged from an image note to a text view
More space is saved in the toolbar when using small icons
Add preference to specify if URL's should be imported as Bookmark or Web Archive notes (General preferences)
Added a Downloads window when importing URL's to let the user know the status
Improved the performance of adding, editing, and deleting labels
Fixed problem that prevented the Get Info from working with notes in the Journal folder
Added support for double-clicking a folder in DockNote and have the folder selected in StickyBrain
When dragging folders a line will appear where the folder will be dropped (similar to Apple's Mail application)
Fixed problem that caused the Edit > Select All menu to not work
Fixed bug that caused a crash when changing the URL in the Post to Blog window
Fixed problem that caused StickyBrain to freeze when exporting more than two notes
Fixed problem that prevented sticky notes from being printed
Fixed problem that caused the DockNote window to draw in the wrong place when the screen resolution changes.