• New intuitive design, look and feel
  • Get emails right away with push notifications
  • Sync Outlook.com Calendar and Contacts with your device
  • View and sync folders and sub-folders
  • Group your email conversations with Conversation Threading
  • Search functionality for easy finding
  • Use with multiple Outlook.com accounts


  • Filter your emails (all, unread or flagged) by clicking on “Inbox” in the top menu.
  • Access your folders and sub-folders by clicking on the top left menu.
  • To view your Sent, Draft, Trash or custom folders, from the app menu select Account Settings, Folders’ and Refresh folders. Then select from the list which folders you would like to automatically sync to receive updates.

What's New:

  • Server-side search for easy access to all email, not just the ones synced to your phone
  • Unlimited sync of all email history for full off-line access
  • Capability to send emails from Outlook.com aliases
  • Eight new colors to customize the app interface
  • Ability to set and manage vacation replies
  • Traditional Chinese language support


  1. Download the app
  2. Enter your Outlook.com email address and password, and then tap Next.
  3. Choose additional options like sync mail frequency and nickname to use, and then tap Next.
  4. Check/uncheck sync calendar and contacts, and then tap Next.