MultiBootUSB 8.6.0

MultiBootUSB allows you to install multiple live linux on a USB disk non destructively and option to uninstall distros. Try out the world's first true cross platform multi boot live usb creator for free.

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MultiBootUSB is a software / installer which allows user to install multiple Live Linux Distros in to a single USB drive / Pendrive / Flash drive and able to boot from it. USB can be tested without reboot using inbuilt QEMU.

Open Source

MultiBootUSB is released under GPL. It uses best of Open Source software in the web.

Cross Platform

Try out the only cross platform non destructive multi boot live USB creator available.


Delivered at no cost what so ever. You can download MultiBootUSB for free now and always. :-)


  • No dropdown list.
  • Auto detection of iso files.
  • Installed distro can be deleted whenever required.
  • Keeps USB drive clean.
  • Test USB with out reboot (using QEMU)
  • Simple user interface.
  • Hide distro installion (only in windows).
  • No installation (Windows).
  • Support for 150+ distros and counting.

What's New

  • Bug fix in selection of persistence size
  • Fixed crashing of application when selecting extended drive
  • Introduction of log file (/tmp/multibootusb.log on linux and C:\Program Files (x86)\multibootusb\multibootusb.log under Windows)
  • Added F Secure Rescue CD
  • Added Tail
  • Support for latest wifislax
  • Fix for ROSA boot issue
  • Various other minor bug fixes

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