Intel HD Graphics Driver for Windows XP 64-bit

Date: June 8, 2012
File Size: 29.6 MB
OS Support: Windows XP 64-bit
Downloads: 1,016

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Release notes:


This software driver package will install the Intel® HD Graphics Driver for the 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ Processors with Intel® HD Graphics 3000/2000 and 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Processors with Intel® HD Graphics 4000/2500. These drivers will not function with any other product. View the README file for installation information and the Release Notes for driver version details. This driver package contains version ( for Windows XP* 64 bit version.


These software drivers are generic versions and can be used for general purposes. However, computer original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) may have altered the features, incorporated customizations, or made other changes to the software or software packaging they provide. To avoid any potential installation incompatibilities on your OEM system, Intel recommends that you check with your OEM and use the software provided by your system manufacturer.
Intel and the computer original equipment manufacturer (OEM) may not provide technical support for some or all issues that could arise from the usage of this generic version of software drivers.

Confused about what to download?

AAutomatically detect and update your drivers and software with the Intel® Driver Update Utility . See also Identifying your Intel® graphics controller

Getting Support:

The Graphics Support Community Forum is a monitored peer-to-peer exchange for the Intel Chipset and Graphics community. Please follow this link to register and participate in the forum. Forum Link

Support for Intel® Graphics Drivers can also be accessed by chatting with a live support agent. Please follow this link to chat with an agent. Chat Link

What's New:

  • Known Issues in Build 5415
    • World in Conflict game: Part of the terrain is rendered as multicolored tetrahedrons
      • Description Affected Processors:
        • 3rd generation Intel® Core™ Processor Family
        • 2nd generation Intel® Core™ Processor Family
  • Issues Resolved in Build 5415
    • Display corruption no longer seen after changing the display resolution.
    • Computer no longer hangs after closing lid and docking system and display has turned off.
    • Resolved issue where the brightness level was not as expected after resuming the laptop from Hibernate state.
    • With two external monitors in Clone mode, resolved issue where a monitor may be detected but not displayed after waking the computer from Sleep state.
    • Need for Speed* game: STOP error code 0xEA is no longer seen during gameplay.
    • Sound is no longer lost after waking the computer from Sleep state.
    • Resolved issue where the computer may hang after resuming from Hibernate state.
    • Resolved issue where the laptop’s display may become blank after rotation.
      • Affected Processor(s)
        • 3rd generation Intel® Core™ Processor Family

Note: Before proceeding with your driver installation we suggest you make sure you are installing the latest version available and for the appropriate model/revision and Operating System. We strongly suggest following 'readme' instructions for installing drivers when available. Often restarting your system will be necessary for the new driver to become active and start functioning properly.

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