This is a BETA release. This package may not have completed full validation and is being provided for test purposes. If validation concludes positive, we may release this again or reclassify this as a production version.

What's New:

  • This BETA driver is provided to support the latest Intel® oneAPI Beta Update 10 to developers.
  • This driver IS NOT COMPATIBLE with Intel® oneAPI Beta Update 8. Do not update to this driver if you are using Intel® oneAPI Beta Update 8.

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Any graphics issues found using Intel generic graphics drivers should be reported directly to Intel. Corporate customers should always use OEM drivers and report all issues through the vendor they purchased the platforms and support through.

Are you still seeing the OEM error preventing the update? See here for why and a solution.

Developer highlights

OneAPI Level Zero Runtime pre-production release is now included. Please refer to the specification below.

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This is a DCH driver. Click for more information about DCH drivers.

Supported OS versions

  • Microsoft Windows 10-64 - Fall Creators Update (1709)(RS3)
  • Microsoft Windows 10-64 - April 2018 Update (1803)(RS4)
  • Microsoft Windows 10-64 - October 2018 Update (1809)(RS5)
  • Microsoft Windows 10-64 – May 2019 Update (1903)(19H1)
  • Microsoft Windows 10-64 – November 2019 Update (1909)(19H2)


  • Self-installing format (.exe) is the easiest installation method and our recommendation.
  • Manual installation format (.zip) is intended for developers and IT professionals.
  • See the ReleaseNotes for installation instructions, supported hardware, and more.