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Looking Back at 2012: The Year's Top Tech Stories

As the year comes to an end it's time to look back at the most interesting and relevant tech stories of 2012. Numerous trends consolidated during 2012: Apple’s dominance in the sector, mobile growth, fast-paced releases on the smartphone world, the Windows 8 launch, only to name a few.

This year we have divided stories in 12 heavily packed categories, with nearly 500 hand-picked headlines total. Feel free to jump around between your favored topics, but try not to miss the tech culture section where we revisit some of the most entertaining stories we covered this year. Here’s our take on 2012…

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Apple announces the App Store's best of 2012

With the year quickly coming to a close we've seen companies like Twitter and Google take a look back to highlight 2012's key trends and moments. Today Apple is joining in on the fun with their annual 'Best of" feature…

Tech layoffs hit 3 year high thanks to HP. It's not all bad though.

Over 51,529 individuals met their occupational demise in the first-half of 2012, marking the largest mid-year total for tech sector job cuts since 2009. These figures originate from a report (pdf) prepared by consulting outfit Challenger, Gray & Christmas. During this period…

TechSpot's Most Anticipated PC Games of 2012

Like a rollercoaster, 2011 was full of transient highs and enduring lows -- mostly the latter for PC gamers. The year began with a promising lineup, but title after title fell flat. Determined to redeem themselves, developers have readied yet another tantalizing roster.

In fact, many of last year's most anticipated titles have spilled over into 2012, including Diablo III, Guild Wars 2, Mass Effect 3 and Max Payne 3. As usual, we've assembled a list of the hottest PC games expected to hit shelves over the next 12 months.

Looking Back at 2011: The Year's Most Relevant Tech Stories

Twenty-eleven is almost over and as we conclude our end-of-year articles it's time to look back at some of the most relevant stories of 2011. We'll do a brief recount of tech happenings in six categories: Desktop CPUs and Graphics, Hardware Industry, Devices and Components, Software, Gaming, Mobile Computing and The Web.

It's been quite an eventful year that's for sure. We hope you enjoyed our daily dispatch of PC technology news and analysis as much as we’ve enjoyed bringing it to you. Without further ado, here’s our take on 2011.

Microsoft announces Windows-specific Kinect hardware

Microsoft has announced that they are developing new Kinect hardware designed specifically for Windows-based PCs. The company revealed a Kinect for Windows commercial program a few weeks ago that will launch in early 2012 but this is the first we…

EXOdesk: The working man's Microsoft Surface

ExoPC has released a teaser video for the upcoming ExoPC Interactive Desk, tentatively known as the EXOdesk. The device is a 40-inch multitouch desktop surface that is designed to work alongside, or in front of, your current PC display.