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Cisco acquires flash memory company Whiptail for $415 million

Cisco on Tuesday agreed to purchase privately held Whiptail - a company that makes software to manage cloud-based flash storage - for $415 million in cash. The deal marks Cisco’s 12 acquisition on the year and brings the total money…

Amazon data center glitch knocks out Instagram, Vine and Netflix

Last night, several users began reporting problems accessing some of the major sites that rely on Amazon's cloud-based network. The affected sites and services included Instagram, Netflix and Vine along with several others. Some completely blacked out where as others…

iWork for iCloud now available to anyone with an Apple ID

Without any official announcement Apple has made the beta of iWork for iCloud available to anyone with an Apple ID. First announced at WWDC back in June, initially iWork for iCloud was only available to paid developer accounts and then…

IBM to license Power chip design for custom cloud servers

IBM recently revealed plans to license their Power chips to other companies much like ARM is successfully doing with their own processors in the mobile sector. IBM is creating the OpenPower Consortium as part of the effort alongside partners that…

Last Call: Google Reader Dies Monday, Here Are The Best Alternatives

Google feels RSS is no longer as important as it used to considering how the average internet user receives his fix of interesting links and news via social networks -- most of the time not through their social network, though.

But for millions of professionals that need that constant stream of information from manually selected sources, RSS is a big deal. Journalists, bloggers, programmers, researchers, students, tech savvy people, among others, fall into this group. It's a niche product, but still a big niche. Here are what we consider the best drop-in replacements for Google Reader today.

Adobe Creative Cloud has already been cracked

Adobe Creative Cloud was revealed earlier this month and finally became available just a couple of days ago. The cloud-based software came about partially as a method to thwart piracy yet here we are just two days removed from the…

Synology DS2413+ NAS Review: For when you're serious about storage

The DS2413+ is Synology's newest twelve-bay DiskStation NAS for small to medium sized businesses who need loads of storage. Along with supporting up to 48TB worth of drives out of the box, the DS2413+ can be paired with the company's DX1211 expansion enclosure that houses an extra 12 drives, doubling the maximum storage capacity of the base unit to a whopping 96TB.

We should also make a quick note before you get to the end and scoff at the price: the DS2413+ isn't for average home users. It's retailing for $1,700 without drives or the 12-bay expansion. With that in mind, let's see what the DS2413+'s upgrades offer.