Cloud articles

Command a higher salary as a cloud security expert

Cloud computing has drastically changed the way we store our data, but it's not 100 percent secure. With hackers and data thieves eager to tap into the cloud, demand is high for certified security pros to push them back, and…

The utility of cloud computing

From a technology perspective, the idea of delivering computing services from the cloud has gone mainstream. Every day, it seems, we end up hearing about or interacting with a new service or app that gets its capabilities from the ephemeral…

Microsoft's Surface division grows in strong Q2

Microsoft's financial results for the second quarter of their fiscal 2016 (Q4 of calendar 2015) are in, and the company has reported GAAP revenues of $23.8 billion ($25.7 billion non-GAAP) for profits of $5.0 billion ($6.3bn non-GAAP), beating estimates.