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Zuckerberg says Facebook wasted two years betting on HTML5

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was a featured guest during TechCrunch’s ongoing Disrupt conference in San Francisco. In his first public interview since the dreadful IPO back in May, the social network founder said the biggest mistake Facebook made was betting…

Chrome 18 enables GPU-powered Canvas 2D, adds SwiftShader

Google has released the latest stable version of Chrome (v18.0.1025.142 for those counting), bringing nine security fixes and more notably, enhanced support for graphically intensive applications. Previously offered in beta, the update officially introduces GPU-accelerated...

HTML 5 Gaming Showcase: Old Classics and Modern Games You Can Play for Free

A lot has changed since the days when web developers relied almost exclusively on Flash for media-rich interactive content. Although the technology is still very much alive and may not see a replacement anytime soon for certain uses, more and more websites are implementing HTML5 for streaming audio and video.

On the gaming side, there are some really impressive examples that could easily rival some of the stuff that has been done on Flash over the past decade. We've compiled a small selection of old classics and modern titles built with HTML5 and other open web standards that will give you a taste of things to come.

Office 15 extensions will be built with HTML5, JavaScript

Microsoft has already announced that it expects developers to create mobile-like applications using HTML5 and JavaScript for Windows 8. The software giant may be planning something similar for Office 15, the successor to Microsoft Office 2010 (Office 14), according to…

Microsoft revamps Windows Live SkyDrive with HTML5

Microsoft has launched a new version of its Windows Live SkyDrive website that is faster and easier to navigate thanks to the use of HTML5 and hardware acceleration. The new SkyDrive is rolling out gradually, as there are 100 million…

HTML5 will be the last version of HTML

The HTML specification will no longer have a version number attached. The Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG) version of the specification will be updated as additions are integrated. As a result, the HTML specification will henceforth just be…

W3C releases an official HTML5 logo

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has unveiled a new logo for HTML5. The logo links back to W3C, the place for authoritative information on HTML5, including specs and test cases.