Html5 articles

Google will ban all Flash ads in 2017

Google has announced that its entire advertising network, comprising of the Google Display Network and DoubleClick Digital Marketing, will be transitioning away from Flash-based ads to a 100% HTML5 solution over the next year.

Waste time with the HTML5 Drum Machine

Ever wanted to waste a ton of time while having loads of fun? Well maybe you should try out the HTML5 Drum Machine, which lets you emulate five different drum kits from within your browser, including the TR-808, Linndrum, and…

W3C finally finalizes the HTML5 standard

Did you know that the HTML5 standard, despite parts of it being used in numerous sites around the internet for years, hasn't actually been finalized? Until now, that is: the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has just finalized the HTML5…

Netflix planning switch from Silverlight to HTML5

Netflix has been working toward transitioning away from Silverlight to HTML5, it recently indicated on its technology blog. With Silverlight's biggest customer fleeing the web-based video plug-in scene, the imminent demise of browser plug-ins like Adobe Flash and Microsoft's Silverlight…